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Truth About Using Peptide in a Diet Program

What you Need to Know About Using Peptide in a Diet Program

Each year, more and more people are being diagnosed with obesity. In a world that is so fast-paced, a lot of people can’t find the time to properly track a diet and exercise routine. We live in a time where the average person works 10 hours a day, then often time brings work home, maintains a family life, and is rushing between appointments, work, family functions, etc. So many people around the world have supplemented fast food into their daily lives- as it is a quick option for people on the go. Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone, and we are here to help you get back on track.

The History of the Peptide Diet

The Peptide diet was originally formulated by Dr. Simeons. He spent many years of his life studying and documenting weight loss, diet programs, and how to help people that live these fast pace lives and need help quickly. During his studies, he discovered that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin could be used to aide in weight loss. This hormone would enable people to live comfortably on a 500-calorie diet without the discomfort, thus resulting in fast weight loss.

Shortly after, Peptide entered the market as a product that can help you safely lose weight fast and continue to maintain a normal and healthy weight. Again, Peptide stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is hormone that is already in your body. Pregnant women naturally produce this hormone in order to help them nutritionally support the baby by breaking down a body of fat. Everyone these days is very concerned about what goes into their body, but Peptide will give you peace of mind knowing that it is even safe for unborn babies in the womb.

The Peptide Assisted Diet was formulated from the original plan, but tweaked since we live in a new time than when the original diet first entered the market. This consists of a low calorie diet, and the Peptide hormone itself eases the discomfort of the diet (mood swings and headaches) by naturally reducing your appetite. Even though you will be eating a significantly lower amount of calories, you will still maintain normal energy levels. The science behind this involves the hormone efficiently processing fat in the body, and if taken in proper dosages the weight will stay off if you maintain the diet. The Peptide hormone can be taken in pill form, drops, or injection.

We like to discuss the Peptide diet in four different phases/protocols. Before the phases begin, it is very important to start with a digestive cleanse and a multiple vitamin. Phase one is mandatory loading, phase two is the longest phase and requires the most work on your part- maintaining a low calorie diet and responsibly take the hormone. Phase three includes slowly tapering off the hormone and balancing a less restrictive and higher calorie diet. Phase four is a phase that many people forget about; we call it the ‘beginning of the rest of your life’ phase. This is the phase in which old habits are permanently ditched and the beginning of a healthy new you starts. The past three phases helped you cleanse, lose weight, and reset your metabolism- the rest will be your future.

After the product arrives, you will want to make sure you read the instructions thoroughly so you have a better understanding on how to mix the hormone and ingest it to receive the best results.

  • Injections: This will be one of your best choices, as you will know you aren’t getting real Peptide and not a homeopathic substitute. Injections are the fastest and most effective ways for the human body to absorb Peptide. Never accept a syringe that has been pre filled. There is no way of knowing how old the product is or how it was filled.
  • Drops: A lot of people used the drops and complained that they didn’t see results- that’s because drops are a bad choice in general. There are too many different types of drops that aren’t as effective as others, and you have to make sure you are getting 200IU of Peptide every day. Drops are absorbed under the tongue.
  • Tablets: Similar to the drops, you will never be sure if you are getting the correct amount of Peptide, as there are so many different variables. These are a more expensive option and there are many imposters, so it is important that you make sure the tablets you get come in prescription form from a legal pharmacy. Tablets require two and a half times the IU of Peptide- so 500IU in its true form.

How & What to Eat:

A lot of people vote off the Peptide diet because they think it is too difficult and they won’t be able to eat anything. With our diet formula, that is far from the truth. In fact, you can still lose 1-3 pounds a week if you carefully follow a healthy meal plan. See our Peptide diet food list here– you will notice that you still get to indulge in a variety of food types.

Remember THESE Facts!

  • If there is no prescription, then it’s not legitimate. Peptide is a prescription pharmaceutical.
  • The old 500-calorie Peptide diet is outdated and invalid- watch out for companies still offering this program; it came out decades ago and has been revised to ensure safety.
  • Pre-filled syringes: Always decline a syringe that is pre-filled. You have no idea where it came from, who filled it, what exactly is in it, and how old the product is.
  • Always make sure the facility that you go to is licensed and medically supervised- always ask for the name of your doctor.
  • Peptide mail orders from foreign places: Many of these places are illegal as they use animal products instead of Peptide hormones produced by humans.
  • Vials have expiration dates; so if you are dieting for over 30 days make sure your vial doesn’t last more than 30 days. The vial will weaken and not work as well for your weight loss.
  • Injections are your best choice: Although pharmaceutical Peptide drops and tablets do work, it won’t guarantee to give you the 200IU in your system that you need. They are also more expensive due to 150% more Peptide to function correctly.

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