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60-DAY Peptide Assisted Diet Program $550 Save $50

special advice for the THE 60-DAY PROGRAM

If you want a 60-day Program, we will give it to you, but, we do not promote this program. Even if you have made it through 30 days, the second 30 days will not work as well. Take a 21-day break. Sign up again if you want or, continue the Paleo Phase for additional weight loss. Trust us on this, no matter how anxious you are, this is best for you.. Too many 60-day program Clients quit. It is a very hard extension. Even 30-days is hard, but your high weight loss will give you strength and enthusiasm.

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Everything you need as far as your diet protocol goes will be given to you at our office INCLUDING your prescriptions. We do NOT sell pharmaceutical products at our business or on this website. The process will start by submitting your application to our State Licensed Health Care Clinic to obtain approval from the Doctor.

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