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We do not sell prescription products on this website or at our business location.  You are beginning a comprehensive Weight Loss Program that provides everything you need to succeed. Your prescription is included in your program and will be provided to you by FedEx.  Your Program Pharmacy is located in Fort Lauderdale and is properly licensed in the State of Florida.


Your PEPTIDE Assisted Diet program will include the following

Very Comprehensive 24-page instruction document for our HIGHLY Modified “Bodyology Center PEPTIDE/Paleo/TRF Weight Loss Program
You will not find more comprehensive instructions anywhere.

Before the phases begin, it is very important to start taking a daily multiple vitamin to make up for vitamins and minerals that may not be available due to your limited foods, during the diet. Phase one is mandatory loading, phase two is the longest phase and requires the most work on your part to maintain a low-calorie diet and responsibly take the hormone. Phase three includes tapering off the hormone and balancing a less restrictive and higher calorie diet for 21 days. Phase four is a phase that many people forget about; we call it the ‘Beginning of the rest of your life phase”. This is the phase in which old habits must be permanently ditched. This is the beginning of a newer healthier body and you. If you go back to your old behavior you will go back to your old body.

It is most important that you read the instructions thoroughly so you have a better understanding of the different ways you can correctly use Peptide. Every detail is important. If you give it 100% you will get 100% of the best possible results. You cannot trick this diet. Follow your instructions every day and you will soon see the results you are looking for.

We Offer Two Different Programs

Our Most Popular Program is the 30-Day Solution.

You can get 7,500 IU of Peptide and ten Vitamin B-12 or Bio Boost injections.

Our 60-Day Solution for Long-Term weight loss over 40 pounds.

You will get 15,000IU of Peptide in two vials. Do not accept any program over 30 days if the Peptide comes in one vial. It will deteriorate before you are finished. We will give you two separate vials of Peptide. When you finish the first 30 days you can take a break and start your Paleo Maintenance Phase. You will continue losing weight and can start your second vial any time up to four months later.

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