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First and foremost, I would never actively advertise something that I didn’t experience myself and I didn’t believe in. If you are reading this, you have discovered a personal testimony and the reasons as to why I chose this method as a way to help patients lose weight safely and healthily.

It was nearly 8 years ago that I first used Peptide and the results were amazing for someone who had a family with a history of weight problems. At that time, I decided to try the 30 day injection program and I lost 34lbs in only 30 days by controlling my behavior and changing some of the original rules to fit my needs better. The results were so great that I decided to call my friend Dr. Humphrey to discuss the diet that changed my life and go over the protocols of the original Peptide concept ‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr. Simeons. These talks lead to the opening of the Bodyology Center in Hollywood, FL.

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By the year of 2010 we had decided that the original program formulated by Dr. Simeons was outdated- the original 1950’s and 60’s 500-calorie diet needed to be modified for our time. At Bodyology, we believe that any company that still does the 500-calorie plan should be reconsidered and changed. We firmly believe in always improving what we do and how we do things in order to serve people who need help and change their lives’ the best we can.

By 2017, our Bodyology Center has helped over 2,000 people since we opened in 2010. Over these years, my team and I have completely transformed the old Peptide diet way of doing things into an entirely new program specializing in the “Super Modified PEPTIDE/Paleo/Weight/Hormone Correction Diet Program.” Simply put, we do it all and are experts in every category.

I welcome and encourage you to visit so you can begin the journey of the rest of your life. We can help you with a consultation and evaluation to design a program that will help your specific needs the best. We created this program at the Bodyology Center and you will only find it here; the highly modernized version of the PEPTIDE Assisted Diet.

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