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Beware Of This Before Starting PEPTIDE

We can help you safely lose weight fast and continue to maintain a normal and healthy weight.

Beware of the following when choosing your PEPTIDE provider

  • Peptide is a prescription pharmaceutical. If there is no prescription it is not genuine.
  • Pre-filled syringes. You have no idea how old the product is, who filled the syringes, where the Peptide came from or the conditions where the filling took place.
  • Anyone offering the original 500 diet program. It is 1960s old news and unsafe
  • Any program over 30 days with the Peptide in one vial or pre-filled syringes. Peptide vials have expiration dates. Peptide vials begin to deteriorate after 30 days.
  • Any homeopathic Peptide. You cannot make a homeopathic hormone. It is useless.
  • Clinics not medically supervised and licensed. Be sure to ask before you start.
  • Special Situation on Tablets. Drops are rarely used.
  • Pharmaceutical Peptide drops and tablets do work but cannot guarantee to get the required 200IU into your system.
  • Peptide Troches may be more expensive, require an additional 300iu of Peptide and more rigid adherence to application instructions.

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