Two Program Options

HCG Assisted Diet’s Two Options

Before you read any further, please remember that both of these programs are very different, but they both work. Choosing which program you want all depends on what you ultimately think will suit you better and be the best choice for your personal lifestyle. You can figure out which is best for you by listing your weaknesses and strengths and of course taking your medical history into consideration.


During the 1960’s, the HCG diet became available to the public by Dr. Simeons. This diet consisted of a very low calorie diet- only 500 calories per day- while using HCG every day with it. The HCG hormone enabled people to live comfortably off of only 500 calories each day, as it curbed appetites and made the general discomfort of fatigue, cravings, and hunger almost disappear. The normal calorie intake in the 1960’s wasn’t very high to begin with, and it was more normal that the average person consumed healthy meals every day. In this day and time, people consume dramatically higher amount of calories, processed foods, and fast food on a daily basis. We changed up this original diet plan to suit people living in this era, as you will see in your second option.


This program is what we find to be the most beneficial in supporting people’s long-term weight loss goals. It has been nearly 60 years since the first diet came to the market, and a LOT has changed since then. We took the old diet and enhanced it to better meet peoples needs- now known as our HCG Assisted Diet. This diet still consists of consuming a low amount of calories each day, but now there is more variation and you don’t have to deprive yourself of foods you love and the HCG hormone still does what it’s supposed to- curb your appetite and reduce hunger pains and cravings. We have shared this diet program with so many people over the past seven years right here in Hollywood, FL. The HCG Assisted Diet is completely different compared to Dr. Simeons original HCG diet, but the results of fast and effective weight loss remain the same.

“While the first option definitely works, it is much harder to maintain, people quit faster, and it is very strict. It’s not as compatible these days as it was back in the 1960’s. We discovered that by merging the old diet with a Paleo diet program, results were the same but managing a regular and fast-paced lifestyle was easier. We took amazing elements from both programs and combined them to create a nutrient-rich and fat burning diet that will promote a healthy and happy future.”


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