The Amazing Med 7™ CBD Oil Difference

 We have always made it clear that store-bought botanical CBD oil holds no place to the Med 7™ CBD Oil that can only be received through a medical professional. CBD oil of this potency comes with many health benefits- one of the most substantial being it’s anti-inflammatory properties to help with alleviating symptoms of chronic pain. If this is what you are looking for and you are tired of how ineffective store-bought CBD oil is, then Med 7™ CBD Oil is the best option for you.

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This product is full-spectrum that begins working almost instantaneously and relieves your discomfort with an 85% bio-absorbability. Med 7™ utilizes Purzorb™, which is a new technology proven to make the CBD oil absorb very quickly and have an onset that is extremely rapid compared to others. It is important to also note that Med 7™ CBD Oil:

  • Is NOT made using THC and it is NOT a controlled substance.
  • It can be sold legally in every state.
  • You can only acquire it through licensed medical professionals at places like the HCG Assisted Diet.
  • Is derived and produced from only the best quality and highest potency by Pure Kentucky Hemp.
  • It meets all criteria stated by the U.S. Federal Farm Bill Compliance.
  • Is prescription strength.

The Three Most Common CBD Oil Delivery Methods

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Store-bought CBD products:

  1. Very bad taste.
  2. 60-90 minutes before it starts working.
  3. Only a 6% bio-absorbability.

Water dispersible or Liposomes:

  1. Slightly better taste.
  2. One hour to start working.
  3. Bio-absorbability slightly higher at 18-24%.

Med 7™, Purzorb™ included:

  1. Excellent flavor.
  2. Starts working in 15-30 minutes.
  3. Over 85% of bio-absorbability.

You will NOT find another brand of CBD oil on the market that is prescription strength and kicks in to relieve your discomfort almost immediately. Med 7™ Hemp CBD Oil will be your go-to remedy.

In only a short 15 minutes, you will already be at up to 50%+ bio-absorbability, and in the next 15 minutes you will be at your full bio-absorbability potential.


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My HCG Program ROCKS!!! I just had my second child (which made me almost double my clothing size). My friend recommended this HCG Program her co-worker was doing and I was all for it! I’m now doing my 2nd Round of HCG with this clinic and I love it! Now I’m enjoying the results of the program. The staff is super friendly and make you feel like family. I don’t feel hunger and have none of my usual cravings. This is by far my best weight loss experience EVER!!!!

Hollywood, Florida

The staff at My HCG Program is great to work with. They understand your concerns and don’t try ‘hard sell’ you on a lot of things you don’t need or weren’t looking for when you contacted them. Their pricing is fair unlike a lot of other clinics that are trying to charge as much as they can for HCG or other services. I lost 30 pounds in my first treatment round and I am a return customer on my way to getting the other 30 lbs. off.

Hollywood, Florida

I made a decision to do something about my weight. It is not easy once you are in a habit of making poor food choices to now make good ones. I went to HCG clinic and the people there are very helpful and want to see you succeed and lose weight. The people here are great. They encourage you and help to customize a diet that will work for you. I needed the support of people, nurse and Dr. who is consulted as needed.  The first two weeks are difficult. Once you start seeing you will stick with diet. The end result is what you keep your eye on!!!  Look forward to losing at least 35 pounds with the help of HCG Results Diet Center.

Miami, Florida

Gary is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. He spent time understanding my unique health challenges and weight loss goals, then tailored a program to my exact needs. He takes a scientific approach to fat loss and, as such, his programs have continually evolved to incorporate the most up-to-date information available on the HCG program. As a result, I’ve lost a total of 54 pounds, without hunger or plateaus. His support and my results have been amazing! Thank you Bodyology!

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

I absolutely love Gary and the Bodyology Center HCG Weight Loss System. I have released over 50 lbs and I am living a new life of happiness and joy every day. I am a new person with a new attitude enjoying life to the fullest! All you have to do is follow the step by step system and you will succeed.

Weston, Florida

HCG is the way to go!!! After trying diet after diet and pill after pill I was skeptical at first especially with 800 calorie diet. However the price was right and the staff was professional, knowledgeable and very nice. It was exciting to step on the scale each day and see myself loose a pound a day. FINALLY SOMTHING THAT WORKS!! Thank you Bodyology Center!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

My experience with HCG Assisted Diet has been amazing! When I first looked into the diet I was pretty skeptical unsure as to whether I would actually be able to stick to such a restricted diet. However; with My counselors, not only did I benefit from the HCG products and supplements they sold to me, but I also had Gary’s support throughout my experience.. Altogether I lost 24 lbs. from when I first started at 157lbs.

I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in losing weight quickly and learning to adjust a more healthy eating habit.

Lake Park, Florida

I started my HCG shots early in March I was 190.0 lbs. Today April 30 I am happy to say that I weigh 168.4lbs a this process was hard in the beginning but my cravings and temptations soon went away then I was craving a grape fruit and grilled chicken everything that people would never think of eating like Black coffee in the morning or grilled chicken with little to no season were the food that I now crave. My weight loss journey has just begun and I will continue to stay healthy and maintain my weight throughout the 4 years I attend UF.

Hallandale, Florida

I just finished my HCG program at Bodyology and it was wonderful!! I was hesitant at first to try this program, but the more I read about it, the more I felt it was perfect for me. The clinic is beautiful, and everyone there treated me like I was the most important patient they had. The explained the program in great detail, and told me that I could always call with any questions or concerns. It was easy to follow and my total weight loss was 28 pounds which I have now kept off for six months.

So far I have recommended Bodyology Center to three of my friends and I am confident that they will be just as pleased as I am. Thank you so much,

Pembroke Pines, Florida