The 60 Day HCG Assisted Diet

60-Day All-Inclusive HCG Program Only $550

Required: 7 day Digestive System Cleanse and Life Extension Daily Multiple Vitamin

Note for people 15+lbs overweight: If you are obese or overweight with an accumulation of fat in the belly area, you are most likely suffering from Leptin Resistance. Leptin is a type of protein made within the fat cells, circulates into the bloodstream, and continues to the brain. It communicates to your brain if you have enough energy to engage in normal activities and consume food normally. Until the resistance is corrected, it will be difficult for the weight to stay off. Leptin Correction will be added to your program- this is essential to lasting success and continuing to lose weight.


Everything you need as far as your diet protocol goes will be given to you at our office including your prescriptions. We do not sell pharmaceutical products at our business or on this website.

The process will start by submitting your application to our State Licensed Health Care Clinic to obtain approval from the doctor. The 60 day HCG Program will include a combination of legal hormone injections for the Phase 1&2, then you will convert to the Primal/Paleo in order to correct the L-Carnitine deficiency and/or Leptin resistance. This will lead to the maintenance during Phase 3. Phase 4 is something you can’t forget, and we will make sure you won’t forget it. Phase 4 is something we will discuss with you during your consultation.


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