Best Price Guarantee on all programs offered

We will beat any other offer by 10% for any program that offers the equal amount of legal HCG and Vitamin B-12 (Hydroxocobalamin) that we offer in any Legally Licensed HCG Weight Loss Clinical Program.

You can use the “Beat Any Price” Option and bring us any “quantity matching“ advertisement or ad online that is with any Legal Licensed Medical Clinic and we will beat their best published price by 10%.

HCG Assisted Diet Weight Loss Program Options


Thirty day, 6000IU of HCG, 200IU per day. $345

Includes twenty 50IU Hydroxocobalamin Vitamin B-12 injections

Sixty day 12,000IU HCG 200IU per day. $550.

Includes forty 50IU Hydroxocobalamin Vitamin B-12 injections

All Programs include everything you will need.

We recommend the 7 day Digestive System Cleanse $24

Weight Loss Vitamin Cocktail Specials(Injectable)

L-Carnitine Vitamin Cocktail 30 injections $175

MIC Vitamin Cocktail 30 injections $150

(Vitamin Cocktail Programs require a Medical Health Approval)

Our programs include:

SUPERIOR Quality HCG (not all HCG is the same)

SUPERIOR Instructions (not all HCG Assisted Diet programs are the same)

SUPERIOR Vitamin B-12 (not all Vitamin B-12 is the same)

We will explain the Modernized HCG Assisted Diet weight loss program to you in detail. There are very significant differences in most HCG Programs. You need to know and understand the differences to get the best program.


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