The L-Carnitine Vitamin Cocktail That You Need in Your Life

 L-Carnitine is a super-vitamin that has so much potential to cure your past, maintain your present, and improve your future. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that there is ONE nutrient that has the ability to take care of so much in terms of health benefits- but it’s here and it’s true with the L-Carnitine vitamin cocktail.

 What L-Carnitine is and how it works:

 If you didn’t already know, L-Carnitine is a compound that is naturally found in both women and men. However, many people are deficient of this vitamin and they don’t even know it. The purpose of L-Carnitine is to escort fatty acids to the only place within a cell that can burn fat-the mitochondria. It is stored within your heart, skeletal muscles, brain, and it helps to produce energy. In other words, if you are deficient in L-Carnitine it is harder to burn fat, if you have no L-Carnitine you won’t be able to burn fat at all, and if you are taking L-Carnitine supplements you will burn fat much quicker.

What we can offer you:

We give you two options to make sure you get a full daily dosage of L-Carnitine that will speed up your weight loss and help you get the highest fat-burning results out of your exercise.

When you increase L-Carnitine, benefits may include increased energy, decreased cravings, higher metabolic rates and the maintenance of proper muscle tissues.

The weight loss vitamin cocktail includes:


  • 170 mg/Ml of Carnitine
  • 600 mg Thiamine HCI
  • 15 mg Riboflavin
  • 600 mg Niacinamide
  • 600 mg Pyridoxine HCI
  • 15 mg Hydroxocobalamin
  • 450 mg Methionine
  • 900 mg Choline Chloride
  • 900 mg Inositol

Why our options are the best:

Our formulas were created because we had a vision that included fast weight loss for people who are struggling. Not just because we wanted to- we have been there and have the soul-purpose of helping by using vitamins and nutrients that science can prove to work. We offer the most affordable products that have the best quality. We will teach you how to inject your HCG, Vitamin B-12, and L-Carnitine.

Other clinics charge you $25-$35 each injection for them to do it for you- we teach you how to do it yourself which will results in only costing you $5.


L-Carnitine will be given to you in a 30mL vial- you will inject 1mL every day for 30 days. L-Carnitine will require a prescription from one of our medical providers.

The best injection sites:

  • Thigh: Anyone who injects L-Carnitine will attest to the thigh being one of the easiest and best areas to inject for many reasons. It is quick to heal, doesn’t hurt compared to other places, and the fat and muscle content in the area is higher compared to other body parts. The targeted muscle in the thigh is called the Vastus Lateralis- a muscle that is located about halfway between the groin and the knee.
  • Hip: A little below your hip is another good spot to inject- medical professionals noted that it is safe because there are no major blood vessels or nerves around that specific region that could be hit by the injection.


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