Beware Of This

Always be safe while searching for your medical provider. Remember key things to help you choose:

  • It is NOT real Med 7 CBD Oil if it doesn’t come with a prescription. HCG is a prescription that you will receive from a pharmacy.
  • If you are offered syringes that are already filled- always decline. There is no way to know where it actually came from, who filled it, what is inside of it, and how old it may be.
  • The original 500-calorie HCG diet works, but it is outdated. Please be wary when you see companies that still offer it- the new HCG Assisted Diet Program is safer for this time period.
  • Don’t accept HCG received from places outside of the United States. These places use animal products instead of the human HCG hormone and are often and are very illegal.

The facility that you visit absolutely needs to be a medically supervised and licensed establishment. Make sure you know the name of your doctor for validation. There will always be an expiration date on your vials. With this being said, if you are on the 30-Day HCG Assisted Diet, remember that your vial lasts for 30 days and will lose strength and not work well for your weight loss after that.HCG tablets and drops that you receive from a pharmacy do work, but nowhere near as well as injections. With the tablets and drops, you can’t be certain that you are getting the full 200IU into your system, which is vital for weight loss. Also, they are much more pricey since they need 150% more HCG in the just to work correctly.


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